Sailing Camps


Sailing Camps offer a range of activites on and off the water

They offer the chance to learn and develop sailing skills and take part in a varitety of fun activites


All camps start at 9 am and finish at 4 pm.

Our suggested age range is 6 to 16 year olds.

You can get a good feel for how camps work by visiting us on Facebook. Cayman Islands sailing Club and National sailing Centre.


All camp enrollment is done through the CISC School.  Please speak to Coach Rebecca Calvert at to register for Camp and Afterschool Lessons.


Full Family Sailing Club members receive discounts for camps.

We also offer sibling discount for all non memebrs and members.


Easter Camps:


Camp 1: 10th-13th April


Camp 2: 18th-21st April


The cost of the 4 day course is $200 for members, $300 for non members

Summer Camps
CIS Camp: 26th-30th June
Camp 1: 3rd-14th July
Camp 2: 17th-28th July
Camp 3: 7th-18th August
Camp 4: 21st August - 1st September
The cost of the 2 week camp is $750 for non members, $500 for members.